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We are a family run business with director Grahame Davis, daughter Laura and son Courtney. There are many members of staff to deal with your every need We have a full in house operation, which includes a Full

Workshop, Body shop, Gearbox/Engine shop, Interior Trim shop, Paint Shop, Complete stores and Car Sales all on one site. We have been dealing in British made sports cars for over 40 years and have an unparalleled understanding of these cars.

Please contact us and speak to one of our sales team, technicians or alternatively visit our premises we will be happy to assist you.



Window Replacement

MGF Rear window replacement - £120.00 Inclusive of Vat (While you wait service)

MGF Fixed price servicing! - £150.00 Inclusive of Vat (For upto 60,000 miles)

MAZDA Rear window replacement - £190.00 Inclusive of Vat (While you wait service)

Rubber Bumber To Chrome Bumper Conversion Kit. (RB2CB)

Fancy turning your Rubber Bumper MGB in to a classic Chrome bumper model?

We can supply and fit everything you needed to change it, Why not come to our premises and see one we have already converted!

Click here for more information.

Our Very Own "Roadstar"

Here at Moto-Build Ltd we can offer to build you a car to suit your requirements. We can supply you a car or we can use your existing car and transform it back to it's original splendour or why not transform it to our"Roadstar" spec.

Please click "Roadstar" for more information.


/images/Roadstar 1.JPG /images/Roadstar 2.JPG /images/Roadstar 3.JPG /images/Roadstar 4.JPG /images/Roadstar 5.JPG

Our Very Own Rubber Bumper to Chrome Bumper Conversion

We at Moto-Build started producing this conversion kit over 25 years ago!

We can supply and fit the kit here in our workshops


Prices start from £1980.00 Inclusive of vat

This includes the full kit with a choice of the Chrome Slatted Grille or the Black Honeycombe Grille

You also have the choice of all Chrome Overiders or the type with the black rubber face

We carry out all the necessary body modifications, welding and of course prep and paint work

We also offer options on lowering your car!

/images/RB2CB (1).jpg  /images/RB2CB (2).jpg  /images/RB2CB (3).jpg

 /images/RB2CB (5).jpg  /images/RB2CB (10).jpg

 /images/RB2CB (6).jpg  /images/RB2CB (7).jpg

 /images/RB2CB (8).jpg  /images/RB2CB (9).jpg

MGBGT (Pewter) Just had a Rubber to Chrome conversion

Stunning transformation

Please contact us for full details

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Click the link to download the rubber bumper to chrome conversion details