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Moto-Build's Latest Projects

We have a few projects on the go at the moment!

Mainly MGA's Here is one having had a full re-spray, Chassis Repairs, Rebuilt Engine and Gearbox etc. etc.


/images/Rusty Chassis 1.jpg /images/Chassis Rep 2 .jpg /images/Chassis Rep 3.jpg

/images/Chassis Painted 4.jpg /images/Chassis Suspension 5.JPG /images/Chassis Engine 6.JPG

/images/Body Prep 7.JPG /images/Body Paint 8.JPG


MGA with a replacement Chassis, swapped all the parts over, now waiting for the body! (Chassis was bent) we sourced a replacement chassis, small repairs and painted. now transplanting the parts over.



 /images/WH 1.JPG /images/WH 2.JPG /images/WH 3 .JPG

/images/WH 4.JPG /images/WH 5.JPG  /images/WH 6.JPG